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Bitcoin Mining 101

Is bitcoin changing the way we see the market?

Is bitcoin changing the way we see the market?

It´s been almost 7 years since bitcoin comes to the scene and it is true that it will change our life.

Satoshi , the anonymous bitcoin creator brought this miracle to the world for free and we are learning how this can help us .

Nobody controls bitcoin , there is no regulator or currency issuer , neither a central bank or authority that would corrupt the system , it is decentralised P2P money that we use in the internet . 

No account details are needed because there are no accounts , just wallets , electronic wallets in everyone´s phones or computers . You can easily send 1 million Pounds , Dollars or Ounces of Gold in bitcoins to a partner on the other side of the world ,  he/she receive it in minutes and transaction fees are cheaper than 1 cent.

So in this scenario everybody feels free to enter a new kind of market , market where freedom comes first and trust is improved as no Government or institution can freeze accounts or regulate it . 
They cannot steal money from them. 

It works 24/7/365 and even people are able to contribute to the bitcoin network and create coins , this is called "bitcoin mining" . Only special bitcoin mining devices are required to mine bitcoins (bitcoin miners) . These devices are connected to the P2Pnetwork and they do the essential work of verifying transactions adding security to the entire system.

So why anyone needs to trust a Central Bank ? 

Why use banks? 

Why don´t use digital gold that runs free on the cyberspace and its protected by high-end cryptography?

Questions will be answered in less time than expected ...

Enviamos más rápido que los Drones de amazon

Enviamos más rápido que los Drones de amazon
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